About Us


 Ebobsgarage.com has been designed for the exclusive use of Jeep and truck owners who use their vehicles for business, daily transport and “OFF-ROAD” recreation.   The last- mentioned category of course includes the ATV gang.


We have compiled an extensive assortment of top quality aftermarket automotive accessories and equipment.  We offer thousands of parts and products from a select collection of nationally known brand names and manufacturers who specialize in Jeeps and Trucks, with special attention given to the “Off-Roaders”.


Looking for Off-Road suspension and drive train upgrades, use our quick and easy “Year/Make & Model” format and make your selection.   


Wheels,  tires, brakes and steering all covered at ebobsgarage.    


Extensive selections for underbody armor,  dozens of winches and bumpers to mount them on.   


If you love “wrenchin’ on your ride”  ebob brings you QUALITY, INTEGRITY, SERVICE AND SELECTION.   We welcome you to ebobsgarage and trust you will find us an easy and enjoyable shopping experience.                   


Sincerely;  eBob

Contact email: ebobsgarage@gmail.com